Dave letterman makeup artist dies

Dave letterman makeup artist dies She was personal makeup artist to David Letterman on The Late Show for 23 years and made occasional appearances on his show.
It took my dad before he got his years and it appears to be taking my little cousin who is at St.
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Darkstalkers and Maxwell McGee team up for this video review for Darkstalkers Resurrection.
Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith discuss the large amount of flagrant fouls being called durning the NCAA tournament and if the rule should be looked at and changed.
I have some personal reasons for being depressed about these shows biting the dust.
I wanted to link to a wonderful obit written by Margalit Fox in the New York Times today.
I must admit I save a minute or two for checking out websites that offer little but pointed and scathing gossip about celebrities.
Caputo to apply for the Million Dollar Challenge offered by the James Randi Educational Foundation.
Carson Foundation to continue that financial support for Randi and his staff after his death.
I hope her family is comforted knowing there were so many who really cared for her.
You bring a compassion and respect to the tribute you express for family members and friends that have passed.
You personify humanity in your words of recognition and acknowledgment that only a few men on this earth can speak so eloquently.
Someone who had this big of an effect on so many people must have been really unique.
Thank you for taking the time to bring her great life and great spirit to our attention.
Hungarian director Alexander Korda and honing his skills on such stars as Marlene Dietrich and Vivien Leigh .
His artistry and craftsmanship will live on forever in the characters he created.
That was really the forerunner of Star Wars and used a lot of the same technology.
He has remained his loyal and steadfast companion over three decades of national TV.
Were Letterman to lose Shaffer it would mean the end of an era for the two men who have built a close relationship based a strong and enduring loyalty to each other.
Letterman from NBC to CBS in 1993 after the host had already persuaded his quartet to make the switch.
And he stuck by him during his heart surgery which some said could force him out of the business.
Shaffer was also quick to praise Letterman and said that he learns from him every night.
Shaffer added that another reason he might stay is that the job gives him the celebrity he enjoys.
When Letterman changed networks after 11 years Shaffer went with him and has not looked back.
He was supposedly offered the role of George Costanza in Seinfeld but never returned the phone call offering him the part.
Porsha Williams seeks alimony from estranged husband Kordell Stewart as she submits divorce.
The deadly arsenal discovered at home of French terror suspect gunned down in his car by special.
British sisters on aid trip are kidnapped and raped in front of their father after being stopped at Libyan.
Justin Bieber sat in stunned silence for a few seconds last night as David Letterman ripped into him about the quality of his education.
Late Show when Letterman began nagging Justin about his another tattoo he just had inked into his left inner forearm.
It was Ellen DeGeneres who threw the pop star a mock graduation ceremony on her talk show.
If you ask me I think that David Letterman needs to apologize as soon as possible to Justin.
I now hear Kurtz had made the pitch months earlier and that NBC management did in fact know about it.
NBC and Lauer as they struggle to contain the damage that continues to envelop the most important anchor at NBC.
Bob Teague was a broadcast pioneer with a passion for news and for serving his New York viewers.
We were saddened to hear of his passing and send our most sincere condolences to his wife and the entire Teague family.
The net will have a total of 25 original series on the air later this year and into next .

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